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Streamline maintenance and operations.

Our central dashboard lets you track, search, and monitor everything that matters—from service tickets and inventory levels, to employee performance and legal documents, to the latest shift logs and each resident's preferences and requests.

BuildingLink works like magic to save your employees time, delight your residents, and give you the insights on your building that you need to tackle issues and avoid costly mistakes.

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Keep track of packages, valuables, and guests.

Maintain a detailed record of anything and anyone that passes through your building. Let residents register guests, set special permissions, and receive real time updates on pickups and deliveries.

Use BuildingLink's hardware integrations to scan incoming packages, collect signatures, and share keys with safety and ease.

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Keep everyone engaged and informed.

A branded web portal and mobile app make it easy for residents to request maintenance, book amenities, track packages, list guests, interact with neighbors, and access benefits from local vendors.

The system automatically notifies residents, board members, and staff based on their preferences and roles. In case of an emergency, it gives management the power to broadcast announcements using voice, text, and email.

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Get building data and insights, seamlessly.

BuildingLink’s secure integration engine imports data from your favorite accounting software to keep resident data up to date. Our software works seamlessly with a variety of hardware — from barcode and fingerprint scanners, to phone and payment systems, to our proprietary key management solution.

Our latest Amazon Alexa Skill allows residents to literally speak to the building and get updates on anything from maintenance to treadmill availability.

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Everything your building needs.

Have it all, or customize based on your particular requirements.

Package Tracking

Package Tracking

Key Tracking

Maintenance & Work Orders

Visitor Permissions

Resident Profiles

Document Library

Amenity Reservations

Parking & Vehicle Management

Asset & Inventory Tracking

Automatic Notifications

Management Analytics

Resident Portal & App

3rd-Party Software Integration

Employee Attendance

Specialized Hardware

In it for the long run. Just like you.

Our services and products continue to evolve based on our customers' needs. But at heart we're still the same family-owned business we were on day one.

Founded in 1999, BuildingLink has grown through all the booms and busts of the last two decades. We see every project as a partnership and provide unlimited, caring service to make sure it succeeds.

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